Why Migrate to the United States? A Historical-Structural Analysis of Current Latin American Migrations to America Through the Cycle of Exploitation and Racism. 

By Sihan Ren, University of Toronto What causes migration to the US from the past to present day? This article attempts to explain the continued Latin American migration to the United States through the lens of historical-structural theories. By comparing Mexico’s Bracero program and the present day, a broader causality between migration to the United... Continue Reading →

Rethinking the French Presidential Election Outcomes: Uncertainty in France’s Foreign Policy Direction

By Bosco Hung The far-right is on the rise in France. French president Emmanuel Macron won a second presidential term in April, but far-right nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen captured a surprisingly high share of votes, coming in at 41%. The amount of support for far-right candidates has grown significantly in recent years, as members... Continue Reading →

CJFP’s Winter 2020 Edition

Our Spring 2019 edition can be viewed on Issuu at this link and downloaded in the “Journals” tab of our site. Thanks to our staff here at UChicago and our contributors from UChicago and around the country for making this possible.

Authoritarianism and Suicide Terrorism

by JORDANNA YOCHAI, '21 All suicide attack data is the intellectual property of the Chicago Project on Security & Threats (CPOST) and was accessed with the permission of Director Robert Pape. Introduction Suicide terrorism is a complex and, unfortunately, global phenomenon, whose incidence has only increased over time. In light of this, both academics and... Continue Reading →

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