Why Migrate to the United States? A Historical-Structural Analysis of Current Latin American Migrations to America Through the Cycle of Exploitation and Racism. 

By Sihan Ren, University of Toronto What causes migration to the US from the past to present day? This article attempts to explain the continued Latin American migration to the United States through the lens of historical-structural theories. By comparing Mexico’s Bracero program and the present day, a broader causality between migration to the United... Continue Reading →

CJFP Spring 2022 Journal

Dear all, the long awaited Spring 2022 Journal is available. If you are interested in reading, you can find it Here Thank you. Best Regards, The Editorial BoardThe Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy

Winter 2022 Call for Papers

The Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy (CJFP) is a student-run academic journal published biannually by undergraduates at the University of Chicago. Our journal aims to promote the analysis of international affairs. We are a forum within which undergraduates can explore issues relevant to foreign policy in both the United States and other countries.  The CJFP Editorial Board... Continue Reading →

CJFP’s Winter 2020 Edition

Our Spring 2019 edition can be viewed on Issuu at this link and downloaded in the “Journals” tab of our site. Thanks to our staff here at UChicago and our contributors from UChicago and around the country for making this possible.

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