The Global Perspective on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

by MUZZAMMIL AHMADZADA, WAQAS HAQUE, & AHMAD AHMADZADA | The year 2020 will forever be remembered for how an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus—an infectious agent just under 90 nanometers in diameter—redefined institutions on an international level. What began as a “cluster of pneumonia cases” in Wuhan, China in January turned into a global pandemic resulting in 83.4 million cases of infection and over 1.82 million deaths at the time of this writing. Although various degrees of lockdown were implemented worldwide to reduce the spread of the highly contagious virus, it was evident that only a vaccine providing immunity to the general public would afford society a return to normalcy.

The 2020 Election: Déjà vu for Iranian-Americans

by YOUNES MAHMOUDIEH, University of Barcelona Picture a country plagued by uncertainty, instability, and violence; government institutions have begun to collapse as the world watches with growing concern. The United States has recently witnessed the rise of voter suppression, intimidation of the media, and the co-optation of military forces for political means. In many ways,... Continue Reading →

Indian-Administered Kashmir: The Seed for India’s Theocratic & Undemocratic Future

by PARANJAY SAHANII, University of Toronto '23 IntroductionThe term ‘azaad’ rings in every shop, street, and district of Kashmir.[1] The citizens want freedom from corrupt government machinery, loss of life, economic degradation, and brutality. Thus, it has become synonymous with the wants of the inhabitants of the region. However, the waves of Hindutvaand the unstable history of... Continue Reading →

Clash of the Titans – How China is Rising, and What the United States Can Do

by DHRUV BAID, '22 The United States and China have always had a tumultuous relationship, defined by ideological differences, ambitious expansionary policies, and increasingly interdependent and intertwined economies. Ever since President Nixon’s 1972 visit to the country, this relationship has only become more significant in the global arena. In terms of sheer human capital, China... Continue Reading →

The Twilight of Annexation

by DAVIS LARKIN, '19 For the most part, the history of the world is a history of states struggling against each other. From the Punic Wars to the partitions of Poland to WWII, this struggle has usually manifested as states seeking to annex territories from each other. Historically, annexation is a virtual constant -- it... Continue Reading →

The Last Hundred Days

by SARAH MANNEY, Stanford University '18 At the end of the French Revolution of 1789, historian R. R. Palmer wrote that “The wars of the kings were over; the wars of the people had begun.”[1] Today, this maxim threatens to be reversed. Although increasing Chinese and Russian assertiveness towards the West leads many to question... Continue Reading →

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