Indian-Administered Kashmir: The Seed for India’s Theocratic & Undemocratic Future

by PARANJAY SAHANII, University of Toronto '23 IntroductionThe term ‘azaad’ rings in every shop, street, and district of Kashmir.[1] The citizens want freedom from corrupt government machinery, loss of life, economic degradation, and brutality. Thus, it has become synonymous with the wants of the inhabitants of the region. However, the waves of Hindutvaand the unstable history of... Continue Reading →

A Future For China-India-Nepal? Maybe Not.

by MOLLY MCCAMMON, '21 In the last few years, Nepal has generated billions of dollars in investments from its northern neighbor China. Trade between the two countries has grown from 108 million US dollars to 990 million dollars in the past decade alone, making China Nepal’s second-largest trading partner. [1] Furthermore, China has invested heavily... Continue Reading →

India’s Push for Privacy

by BEN SILVIAN, '20 In March, the Indian government’s relatively new ID database, Aadhaar, suffered a major data breach.1 Aadhaar stores a plethora of identity and biometric data on 1.1 billion of India’s just over 1.3 billion citizens, including their fingerprints and iris scans, making this breach a major concern.2 The data is accessible with... Continue Reading →

The String of Pearls and The Mine of Jewels: Evolving Strategic Dynamics in the Indian Ocean Region and Lessons from the South China Sea

by GAURAV KALWANI, '19 In May of this year, Chinese forces deployed surface-to-air and anti-ship cruise missiles on its occupied reefs in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea (SCS).[1] China’s actions, though certainly concerning to the international community, were hardly surprising. The placement of missiles was simply another (albeit a dramatic) escalation in... Continue Reading →

Quad 2.0: Malabar 2018 and Beyond

by PALLAVI GEETHIKA, University of Chicago '21 This April, the Australian Defence Ministry confirmed that Australia will not join India, Japan, and the United States in the upcoming Malabar naval exercises scheduled to take place near Guam.[1] Collectively called ‘Exercise Malabar’, these drills began in 1992 as annual bilateral naval exercises between India and the... Continue Reading →

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