Sanctions and Militant Violence

Image available at: By Treyton Zanutto- Texas A&M '22 Introduction  Sanctions are an important and increasingly common part of the modern globalized world. The importance of sanctions has become more evident as the western world has responded to the present Russian invasion of Ukraine with the large-scale implementation of sanctions. However, as these sanctions... Continue Reading →

Egypt: Dictatorship or Democracy?

By Sophie Polgar, UNC 2022 Since rising to power, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has secured his position as an authoritarian dictator. He has expanded the institutions under his control, allowing them to exercise sweeping powers over the population without checks or balances. These state institutions act legally but without accountability, a phenomenon called “resurgent... Continue Reading →

The Effectiveness of Cash Transfers

by GABRIEL BROSHY, '20 Many argue that we ought to refrain from giving money directly to the poor. Since it was their faulty decision-making that caused their current predicament, giving money directly to these individuals would only perpetuate the cycle of poverty. At least in developing countries, this line of reasoning has been brought into... Continue Reading →

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