Sanctions and Militant Violence

Image available at: By Treyton Zanutto- Texas A&M '22 Introduction  Sanctions are an important and increasingly common part of the modern globalized world. The importance of sanctions has become more evident as the western world has responded to the present Russian invasion of Ukraine with the large-scale implementation of sanctions. However, as these sanctions... Continue Reading →

CJFP Spring 2022 Journal

Dear all, the long awaited Spring 2022 Journal is available. If you are interested in reading, you can find it Here Thank you. Best Regards, The Editorial BoardThe Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy

Egypt: Dictatorship or Democracy?

By Sophie Polgar, UNC 2022 Since rising to power, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has secured his position as an authoritarian dictator. He has expanded the institutions under his control, allowing them to exercise sweeping powers over the population without checks or balances. These state institutions act legally but without accountability, a phenomenon called “resurgent... Continue Reading →

Intelligence Community of the Cold War Era

By Sophie Polgar, UNC 2022 Though the intelligence community played an infamous role in the Cold War, the United States was not always known for having a strong espionage program. The U.S. was actually the “last of the major powers to establish a civilian intelligence agency.” This paper will examine the IC’s organization, process, and... Continue Reading →

Another ‘Great Crescent’? Revisiting America’s Cold War in Southeast Asia: Reminders for Today’s US-China Competition 

By: Samuel Loh, Oxford 2022 The escalating competition between the US and China has raised important, but not necessarily new, questions about how American policymakers should envision Southeast Asia’s role in this struggle of veritable world giants. Southeast Asian countries have generally signaled their discomfort with China’s increasingly assertive foreign policy in their neighborhood, whether... Continue Reading →

Professor Spotlight: Robert Pape

by Thomas Weil '22Note: The following interview was conducted in late May 2021 and details surrounding the assault on the Capitol or CPOST'S work may have been updated in the interim. CPOST's most recent report on the topic, titled "Why we cannot afford to ignore the American insurrectionist movement", was posted on August 6th, 2021... Continue Reading →

Winter 2021 Journal

After a long review process, our Winter 2021 Journal can be found at this link. As always, we are grateful to to our contributors and staff, whose hard work makes the CJFP possible.

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