Rethinking the Conventional Disciplinary Understanding of War

By Tridib Bhattacharya, SOAS University of London Introduction  As one of the oldest and most widespread forms of international relations, war has long occupied a central position within the academic discipline. It has been essential to the creation, character, and progress of states and societies, and the use of force remains pervasive in modern world... Continue Reading →

Another ‘Great Crescent’? Revisiting America’s Cold War in Southeast Asia: Reminders for Today’s US-China Competition 

By: Samuel Loh, Oxford 2022 The escalating competition between the US and China has raised important, but not necessarily new, questions about how American policymakers should envision Southeast Asia’s role in this struggle of veritable world giants. Southeast Asian countries have generally signaled their discomfort with China’s increasingly assertive foreign policy in their neighborhood, whether... Continue Reading →

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