The Wrong Peak, Part 3: Rebalancing Global Growth

by JACK HAYNIE, '20 This article is part three of a four-part series. Read part two here. While changes in the technology underlying oil’s role in the global economy have had and will have a profound impact on the future of petroleum demand, the changing pattern of growth in the global economy will have an... Continue Reading →

Slaughter Strategy: On Genocide’s Calculated Origins

by DAVIS LARKIN, '19 One of the more curious features of the international liberal order is the frequency of solemn declarations to “Never Again” tolerate genocide, given how the vast majority of recent genocides have gone largely ignored. Naturally, many thus assume that this platitude is empty posturing. However, cold apathy towards the lives of... Continue Reading →

Immigration: A Path to Tolerance

By BECKY SCURLOCK, '22 Stroll the streets of Rockford, Illinois and you would hardly know you were in the heart of Rust Belt America. Pedestrians bustle past newly-opened shops, and renovated apartments look onto well-manicured parks. Hip cafes and yachts dot the riverside boardwalk. Unlike other mid-sized cities in the region, Rockford has withstood the... Continue Reading →

CJFP’s Winter 2019 Edition!

Our Winter 2019 edition can be viewed on Issuu at this link and downloaded in the "Journals" tab of our site. Thanks to our staff here at UChicago and our contributors from UChicago and around the country for making this possible.

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