India’s Push for Privacy

by BEN SILVIAN, '20 In March, the Indian government’s relatively new ID database, Aadhaar, suffered a major data breach.1 Aadhaar stores a plethora of identity and biometric data on 1.1 billion of India’s just over 1.3 billion citizens, including their fingerprints and iris scans, making this breach a major concern.2 The data is accessible with... Continue Reading →

Dubious Decapitation: How Mullah Fazlullah’s Death Will Affect the Pakistani Taliban

by BEN SILVIAN, '20 At first glance, the U.S. military’s successful drone strike against Mullah Fazlullah, the head of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP), on June 13 is a major success. Fazlullah, who had lead the militant group since 2013, was known to be a “particularly ruthless militant.”[i] He was responsible for ordering the 2012 attack... Continue Reading →

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