The War Guilt Controversy: Germany as a Benevolent Challenger in WWI

by OLIVIA LIN Conventional scholarship, along with the Treaty of Versailles itself, have characterized Germany as one of the chief aggressors of World War I. In addition to the necessary historical conditions that set the stage for war, WWI could also be viewed as the culmination of a series of miscalculations among military strategists of... Continue Reading →

The Origins of Corruption in the Philippines: The “Cultural Deviancy” Fallacy

by TOMMIE THOMPSON It has practically become a trope among the elites of the Philippines – the ilustrados – to attribute their nation’s failures to their own idiocy. Often times they call on their peers to reject corruption, vice, and backwardness, and to look to the West (especially the US) for inspiration. Ateneo de Manila University’s... Continue Reading →

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